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Eating for ~~Two~~ YOU Symposium

Jan 2014 / Ann Arbor, MIDesign hacking 'Unhealthy weight gain in pregnancy'

A big part of unhealthy weight gain in pregnancy is related to the notions that weight gain in pregnancy equates with a health baby, that pregnancy is a time to eat for two, and a time to reduce activity and “rest”. There are, of course, multiple other factors - food desserts, costs of healthy food, access to safe environment in which to exercise, sense of liberation that one can gain however much and loss it later, etc., but changing the dialogue and social norms can yield impactful results.

I led a workshop that focussed on taking pregnant women, obstetric providers (Drs, social workers, nutritionists, etc), students, marketing experts, policy/governmental stakeholders through a journey of understanding each other and generating ideas on how to change the “public discourse about what is normal and healthy pregnancy weight gain?”

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