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In the past, scientists decided what health research would be done. Now, YOU have a voice.
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How might we...
Empower patients to play a central role in determining what health research gets done at the University of Michigan?
Patient engagement in health research is usually only limited to patient participation as research subjects. We want to change that and make patients the true center of the research process.

The project.

Before WellSpringboard, the only way patients could be involved with health research was by being research subjects. Scientists were the ones who decided what research should be done. However, this approach was no longer suitable for the health problems of today. We realized that we needed our scientists and our patients to work together in determining what research to be done and how it should be funded. WellSpringboard is a platform where this collaboration can take shape. In the past, scientists decided what health research would be done. Now, YOU have a voice.

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The team.

WellSpringboard was first conceived by Dr. Matt Davis, Dianne Singer and Anna Daly Kauffman and later expanded to include members from MICHR and Wagner Design.

My role.

I play the combined roles of user researcher and product designer.


How WellSpringboard works.


Create & share your health research idea

Tell us all about your health research idea. Write a store or create a short video to explain why it’s important. The WellSpringboard team will review your idea and give you some feedback. When it’s ready, your video will be posted to the Idea Well.


Invite people to back your idea by liking it & sharing it.

Once your idea is in the Idea Well, send it to everyone you know so people can show their support. People can visit WellSpringboard and like or share your idea to show their support. Ideas with lots of crowd support can move on to the next stage of being matched with a researcher.


Ideas with lots of crowd support can be matched with researchers & opened up for crowd-funding.

Once your idea starts getting some crowd support, we’ll try to match is with a researcher who can bring it to life. Researchers from the University of Michigan can propose research projects inspired by your idea. Once your idea is matched with a researcher, it will move out of the Idea Well and be opened up for crowd-funding.


When your idea is fully funded, the research project will get started.

Once your idea is opened up for crowd-funding, invite your friends and family (and the world) to back it with donations. When your idea gets to the target level of donations, the matched researcher will receive the funds and bring your research idea to life. We’ll keep in touch with the research team – and with you – and report progress back to WellSpringboard.org.


WellSpringboard bridges the gap between patients and researchers by engaging the public to submit their research ideas and then matching them with U-M researchers who can bring them to life.


Patient centered.

Research priorities are driven by the public.

Screenshot of the Submit an Idea page
Screenshot of an Idea page focussing on researchers matched and comments from the public

Partnership focussed.

Each idea empowers partnerships between patients, other patients and researchers throughout the research lifecycle.



Funding is transparent, is used to gain consensus, and all donations are used towards research.

Screenshot of an Idea page
Ideas submitted so far
Suggest your research idea Support ideas

Work Performed


User Research

  • Patient interviews
  • Physician interviews
  • Patient shadowing
  • Design

  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Interaction Design
  • Development

  • Project management
  • Development liaison

    Some more of
    my Work


    Employee Onboarding.

    Design research Experience design

    This involves designing an onboarding experience that enables long term engagement & growth. Details

    MICHR Onboarding

    Translational Science Toolkit.

    Interaction design

    This involves designing an onboarding experience that enables long term engagement & growth. Details

    Rethink space

    ReThink space at MICHR.

    Design research Space design

    'ReThink Space' is a grounds-up effort to creatively enhance the MICHR NCRC operating space. Details

    Rethink space


    Design research Product design

    I am involved as a lead designer in one of the most exciting projects with a truly inter-disciplinary team of 11. Details

    Student recruitment mobile app.

    Interaction design

    I led a team of students to design a mobile app to enhance student participation in clinical trials. Details

    Student recruitment mobile app

    MICHR website redesign.

    Design research Interaction design

    I helped redesign MICHR's website based on quantitative and qualitative user research.Details

    MICHR website redesign

    Indian Student Association.

    Design research Service design

    Design thinking was applied to make Ann Arbor feel like home for Indian students at U-M.Details

    ISA design thinking

    aalap furn tech online presence.

    Visual design Development

    I was asked to design and build the online presence for aalap furn tech and also its branding experience. Details

    Aalap furn tech

    Proposed Google Talk redesign.

    Interaction design

    My team proposed some changes to Google Talk chat client based on a few behavioral science principles.Details

    Google Talk redesign

    U-M Treatment Assignment Tool.

    Product design

    I was charged with the interaction design for U-M's patient treatment assignment tool TATUM.Details

    TATUM interaction design

    See a listing of my work.

    Various forms & mediums of design

    I would love to detail out each of my projects for you, but I cant. You can however, see a listing of my work.

    See project listing.
    I am extremely passionate about design & love to speak about it. Learn more about some of my speaking engagements.

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