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Design ethos
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Designing a website movement. is not just a website. It is a movement that aims to spread awareness about health research, connect people willing to participate in health research to appropriate studies, engage people in health research and help create conversations around the topic of health research. This involves not just creating a website but creating a brand and a complete experience around it.


Transparent, empathetic design.

To welcome people to engage in health research, we designed to exude calm, trust and also be very intuitive and easy to use. There are way too many barriers to participate in health research and we do not want to be one of them. The use of whitespace, simple layout, big clear buttons and simple interactions are all aimed at making the design stay out of the way of connecting people to researchers. Home page
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Small interactions lead to big actions.

When it comes to health research recruitment, small interactions lead to big actions. People are more comfortable taking little steps towards participation and recognizes that. We designed many small interactions that cued people to show interest in studies and message researchers from within the application. We also created the 'I am interested!' campaign, around which the entire website is centered, to match the language and comfort level potential volunteers tend to use and feel when thinking of health research.


It's about engagement.

When research institutions engage effectively with the public, the public can benefit in tremendous ways from the research to which they contribute. Our user research led us to understand that recruitment is very people focussed. It is based on creating connections and inspiring conversations. Engagement is our key focus and we designed many small interactions that cued people to show interest in studies and message researchers from within the application.

Volunteer messages

Brilliant people deserve beautiful type.

Type is an important element that helps in setting up an experience. We wanted to create a warm and welcoming feeling for volunteers and hence used the rounded, friendly 'Quicksand' font for headers and emphasis. We used 'Muli' as the content font because of it's great legibility at lower sizes and also it's warm nature.

Study team dashboard

Empowering study teams to be efficient and effective.

Study teams are extremely busy and tight on resources. We designed for efficiency for study teams - distinctly different from volunteers. We also designed towards spreading knowledge, awareness, and spontaneous interactions among themselves to improve the overall level of health research recruitment.


Inspiring humanity through design.

It's all about people. Our biggest focus was on cueing the study teams to think of recruitment as managing people and relationships as opposed to managing studies and data through our design. Little details like cueing study teams to thank participants for their time and making it very easy for them to communicate back with potential volunteers speak towards that.

Study team messages
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It's the little things that matter.

God is in the details. The little things really go a long way in defining the experience. We want to make sure we take every little barrier out of the way for volunteers and researchers to engage with each other and partner to further health research.

UMCS introduction email

The experience extends to emails.

We not only want people to come to the site, but we want them to keep coming again. Emails are such a crucial part of the experience that people have with the movement when they are away from the site. The emails from are functional, emotional and distinctively


...and print!

Designing for print is so different from designing for screen. We wanted to make it really easy, economical and convenient for people to print especially for the study pages.

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