Indian Student Association at U-M

is a group of graduate and undergraduate students of Indian origin studying at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The ISA focusses on making Ann Arbor feel like home and also aims to create a social network amongst the Indian community on campus.

The association also aims to participate in various activities organised by the University along with other student organisations, thereby contributing to the diversity on campus.


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Design thinking

The ISA was conceptulized and set-up based around the needs of incomming and current students and also the broader Ann Arbor community.

Design thinking was applied to set up a sustainable platform and eco-system around which a group of board members could handle the day-to-day affairs of the ISA with the aim to best help the Indian community at U-M.

As a designer, I have been part of a highly committed and driven group of individuals that helped conceptulize, set-up and run the ISA since 2008.

ISA's website is the heart of its existence.

In addition to outlining the activites of ISA, the website contains information relevant to the Indian community associated with the University.

The website also helps its members connect with each other through its popularforum.

The website was designed and built after conducting user reseasrch into the needs of the community and matching those with the technology at hand and the business needs of ISA's board.

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ISA's website

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Securing suitable permanent accommodation in a new place can be quite an ordeal.

This is compounded by the fact that most apartments close to campus get filled up rapidly.

Thus we realized that housing for incomming students was one of the main problems we had to help with as an organization.

We have tied up with various housing complexes around Ann Arbor to help ease the application process such that incomming students can secure their housing in an apartment of their choice before they get here.

Deisgn thinking played an important role in figuring out how we could creatively offer solutions that could ease the housing process for incoming students.


Arrivals & pickups

ISA tries to help students coming to Ann Arbor for the first time by making arrangements to pick them up at the airport and transport them to their destination in Ann Arbor.

While this could easily be achieved by hiring some form of ground transportation like cabs, design research taught us that having willing currnet students pick up incomming students helped the transition be smooth and also increased connectivity between them.

ISA also provides incomming students an arrivals pack that containts information on essentials like restaurants, groceries, how to get around etc.

Airport pickup


Members helped with arrivals and pickups for 2011-2012


UMCS logo UM logoWillowtree Apartments


As a group, ISA's organizing board would always be limited by its reach. Hence we intentionally designd and built partnerships with various local entities in and around Ann Arbor so as to allow our members access to various services and facilities that would increase the quality of their lives.


Social events

ISA organizes a number of social, cultural and carrer related events throughout the year to keep the community connected, engaged and educated.

ISA's events are designed to create interactions between people, that would otherwise not come about, with the aim to improve their reach and networks. They are also designed to create a user experience that our members feel connected to and hence a part of.

ISA also partners with various other organizations like Michigan Asian Pacific American Commission Affairs (MAPAAC), a Governor appointed commission to organize events like Paths to success for the career development of our members.


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