is a nonprofit website that aims to make it easy to find free or sliding-scale clinics near you, learn who they assist, what services they offer, understand where and when they’re open, and how to contact them.

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The Team was conceived by a group of students from the University of Michigan Medical School and now encompasses contributions from students at the Schools of Information, Engineering & Computer Science, Social Work, Public Health, Pharmacy, and Business.

My role

I am the lead designer and mentor for and its accompanying user experience.




15,000 free and sliding-scale clinics which provide healthcare to uninsured people.

1 in 6 people in the United States are uninsured U.S. Census Bureau

30,000,000 will still be uninsured in 2023(even after the Affordable Care Act) Congressional Budget Office.

7 in 10 people making less than $15,000 look up healthcare information on the internet Findcare surveys.


Findcare connects people to healthcare.


Access to clinics includes information on over 500 clinics in Michigan and approximately 2,000 in the Midwest. Access to these clinics is available through the desktop, tablet and mobile versions of

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Clinic listing page

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Crowdsourced and sustainable is based on a system for adding and updating clinic information that relies on a form of crowdsourcing, though with added measures to ensure the validity of information. Individuals who submit valid information can become “trusted users” over time. This makes a dynamic and essentially self-updating site.


Work Performed



  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Information Design
  • Development

  • Responsive front-end development

    Some more of
    my Work



    Product design Social innovation

    WellSpringboard allows patients to create and support health research ideas that matter to them. Details

    Employee Onboarding.

    Design research Experience design

    This involves designing an onboarding experience that enables long term engagement & growth. Details

    MICHR Onboarding

    Translational Science Toolkit.

    Interaction design

    This involves designing an onboarding experience that enables long term engagement & growth. Details

    Rethink space

    ReThink space at MICHR.

    Design research Space design

    'ReThink Space' is a grounds-up effort to creatively enhance the MICHR NCRC operating space. Details

    Rethink space

    Design research Product design

    I am involved as a lead designer in one of the most exciting projects with a truly inter-disciplinary team of 11. Details

    Student recruitment mobile app.

    Interaction design

    I led a team of students to design a mobile app to enhance student participation in clinical trials. Details

    Student recruitment mobile app

    MICHR website redesign.

    Design research Interaction design

    I helped redesign MICHR's website based on quantitative and qualitative user research.Details

    MICHR website redesign

    Indian Student Association.

    Design research Service design

    Design thinking was applied to make Ann Arbor feel like home for Indian students at U-M.Details

    ISA design thinking

    aalap furn tech online presence.

    Visual design Development

    I was asked to design and build the online presence for aalap furn tech and also its branding experience. Details

    Aalap furn tech

    Proposed Google Talk redesign.

    Interaction design

    My team proposed some changes to Google Talk chat client based on a few behavioral science principles.Details

    Google Talk redesign

    U-M Treatment Assignment Tool.

    Product design

    I was charged with the interaction design for U-M's patient treatment assignment tool TATUM.Details

    TATUM interaction design

    See a listing of my work.

    Various forms & mediums of design

    I would love to detail out each of my projects for you, but I cant. You can however, see a listing of my work.

    See project listing.
    I am extremely passionate about design & love to speak about it. Learn more about some of my speaking engagements.

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